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Personal Message

  • Be a Leader of Tomorrow – Today!!
  • Think – Create – Innovate
  • Life is Short – Make it Sweet
  • Maintain Focus
  • What Comes Around goes Around
  • Be Professional – Work Hard–Work Smart
  • Feel Empowered

Professional Expertise

  • Technology Strategy and Visionary
  • Mobile Software Platforms
  • Mobile Applications and Solutions
  • Emerging and Future Technologies
  • Technology Management
  • Software Roadmaps
  • Respected Speaker in Conferences

Leadership, Enthusiasm, Innovation, Vision and a recognized ability to execute are characters that have marked the successful Professional Experience of Ashok.

Ashok has over 25+ years of senior technology management experience in high-tech companies like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and Compaq (HP). Ashok has worked for start-ups, and is a serial entrepreneur in technology/services start-ups. Highly analytical and an industry visionary, Ashok is a sought after global high-tech industry thought leader and trusted strategic advisor by companies. Ashok serves on the board of directors/advisors of some technology start-ups.

Ashok currently is CEO of UnfoldLabs, an innovative and strategic product development company in mobile and cloud platform technologies. Ashok has expertise in driving customer insights into thriving businesses and commercializing products for scale. Ashok is an expert in Innovation/Ideation of next generation products and services (Mobile/Web/SaaS/PaaS/Cloud), recommending strategies to address technology and market trends as well as strategic alliances. He is a respected speaker at international tradeshows and conferences on technology. He authors technology and visionary articles for magazines around the world.

He is an expert on software platform technologies, product creation and is also responsible for road mapping and architecting features, value added content, services and solutions for platforms/futuristic mobile devices.

Ashok has skills blended in technology, business, engineering and management, and he is very effective in "Technology Management", in addition to understanding and deploying the technology trends to suit business needs. Ashok has been involved in technology planning and driving of new strategic initiatives in multiple organisations. He is uniquely equipped with blended knowledge needed to lead companies to create company strategies and achieving their vision. He has many years of experience in International markets and travels around the globe.

The unique combination of technical prowess, business acumen and a humane approach has earned him laurels and accolades in all relationships and the organisations that he has served. Ashok has matured in fast pace environments, and he is an expert at coaching change management and understands companies redesign. He is highly competitive and excels in entrepreneurial drive, adaptive thinking and networking.

Ashok holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, from Madurai University, India. He is passionate about Philosophy, Leadership, Technology and Innovation.

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Ana Palma

Ana Palma

Data Center Operations Manager at Google

You’ll want Ashok on your team. He’s highly efficient & incredibly innovative. Ashok brings brilliance to any project he handles. His work is embedded with good quality, good communication, excellent teamwork, cutting-edge technology, & a sense of belonging to the greatest team on earth. [more]

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

Consulting: Sales, and Business Development: Enterprise, Mid-Market, & Small Business

I had the great pleasure of working with Ashok for almost two years. He’s very kind, extremely passionate, & all about helping people succeed in whatever task may be at hand. [more]

Sanjay Jain

Sanjay Jain

Enterprise Account Executive - Cloud Solutions

I got to know Ashok for 2+ years as part of Oracle eco-system. Ashok is a great business partner in driving mutual success, while keeping focus on long-term goals. His passion on automotive, IoT, entrepreneurship and willingness to give back. [more]

Kuldip Pabla

Kuldip Pabla

Entrepreneur, Problem Solver, Technologist, Advisor North America

I have had the pleasure of working with Ashok over the last three years at Samsung. During this time, we successfully collaborated on various challenging products/services that we shipped and collaborated on concepts that we innovated. [more]


Sheen Xiao

High Tech Product Management and Marketing Executive For Early and Growth Stage Companies

I had the great pleasure to work with Asok in selling-in strategic Samsung mobile applications and services to Verizon. Asok has not only a deep understanding in mobile technologies, but also keen insight to market trends. [more]

Amit Bhatnagar

Amit Bhatnagar

Sr. Manager Product Planning at Samsung Electronics, North America

Ashok is an in-depth technical evangelist, consumer and product focused exec.. he would go to any length to get things right the first time.. some of his great ideas have brought immense benefits to Samsung users and continue. [more]

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