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Asokan Ashok

LIFE : Dream. Live. Laugh. Love. Succeed.

Reach your highest self under trustful and careful guidance of a Mentor.

  • “For a successful tomorrow, you ALWAYS need to plan TODAY.”
    - Asokan Ashok
  • “Learn to Listen & Think. That will unlock your limiting beliefs and think outside the box.”
    - Asokan Ashok
  • “Trusting your mentor can open doors that you didn’t see coming.” - Asokan Ashok
Meet Asokan Ashok

Ashok is a passionate thinker, an active learner with an open mind for change, curious about everything in the world. He always tries to do things differently and believes that creative thinking can simplify complex situations. His dedication towards mentoring, inspiring, and motivating people has brought success and happiness to many lives. Everyone can be mentored, and everyone can benefit from mentoring but not everyone can become a MENTOR – Ashok is among the best mentors who can bring a real change to your world.

Ashok has been on a never-ending quest to help people achieve success, and he is quite proud of it! His intuition, background, and experiences, together with a heart for assisting others, have enabled him to help individuals realize their full potential. Regardless of the road people pursue in life, Ashok believes that we all have importance and purpose to live. He considers it a privilege to assist others in finding meaning and purpose in their lives as they impact those around them.

New Challenges and Changes – New Life

Ashok always enjoyed demonstrating his abilities to rest of the world, and always viewed it as a challenge. His desire to make a difference was never stifled & spent all his time thinking and learning something new.

Ashok’s journey as a mentor began early during his school days and has been helping people since then. Most people mentored by Ashok have come up to him and shared their troubles, they wouldn’t have shared otherwise because they were afraid of being mocked or labelled dumb. They felt a sigh of relief when they were able to share their concerns with Ashok without fear of being judged or having their secrets revealed. That was the point in life when Ashok realized that he made a difference in the lives of people, while listening and providing them with guidance, help, and mentorship. He then decided to aid those who needed emotional support and career guidance.

Building Curiosity

“If something is working in this world – and I cannot explain why – I need to learn why?”

Being curious about the happenings around you make you feel excited about day-to-day life. Ashok always enjoys his profession as it allows him to contribute to the success and fulfilment of others’ lives. He assists people with personal development, relationships, career, and life. His mission is to assist individuals to live proud lives and make significant changes that can bring them happiness and success.

Consistency is the Key

Authenticity is a crock and staying consistent is the most important factor to be HUMAN. Ashok maintains consistency in his profession and turns up when you are willing to learn and seek knowledge.

Being as a mentee for Ashok makes you feel happier and stronger by finding eternity in each moment. He is the person whom you can trust and confide in with your feelings. He strongly believes that everyone can change the world through words and wants to be the reason for a smile every day!!

The amazing power of mentoring is that it keeps on giving and it is only indispensable to have a mentor in our life! Let’s make this world a beautiful adventure filled with excitement and laughter

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